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Reico & Partner


  • Location: Allgau, Germany
  • Founded: 1992
  • Website: https://www.reico-vital.com/en


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Reico & Partner is a German company that commenced its operation in 1992. It came about into full swing in the later half of 1993. Since then, it has been selling nutritional products of supreme quality for humans, plants and animals. In 2003, the company witnessed a major revamp under Konrad Reiber, its current director and focussed the attention to production and sales of pet food. This change has been welcomed by Pet Owners since the flavours are unique and hugh in quality. The company is basically a family business and boasts of  over 40 years of experience with the sales of animal feed and over 40 years of experience with the development of dietary supplements. Today, daughters of the founder, Manuela Kunz and Petra Reiber have taken the helm of the company.


The company describes its motto as an attempt  to restore mineral balance to soils, plants, animals and humans with its products and thereby create the best possible conditions for life to thrive. Almost 99 percent of the company’s sales is through direct selling. The distributors are trained by the management in the induction phase to give personalised advice and optimal service to garner more sales from the onsite.

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