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Yanbal International


  • Location: Lima, Peru
  • Founded: 1967
  • Website: https://www.yanbal.com/us


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Yanbal International is a cosmetic products provider based in Lima in Peru. It was started out in the year 1967 with the mission of changing the women’s lives. They provide their products in around ten countries, spread over the continents of America and Europe. They prefer women as their MLM executives so that the ladies out there gets an opportunity to become financially independent.

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With the compensation plan followed Yanbal International the style advisors can earn up to 35 % commission through their sales, and have the opportunity to something between 25% - 30 % through the various bonuses.

Also, they have the opportunity to earn pay overrides up to three levels down. 6–10% on the first line, 2–5% on the second, and 3% on the third. And to be eligible for the payment in the third line, you will be required to have a higher rank.