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Telecom Plus


  • Location: London, England
  • Founded: 1996
  • Website: https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/


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Telecom Plus is an England based utility service provider with its headquarters in the beautiful city of London. The various utility services provided by the company include gas, electricity, broadband and mobile services for both personal and commercial purposes. They works in the network marketing format to attract new customers as well as distributors. The company has been listed out in the prestigious London Stock Exchange. Andrew Lindsay is the current CEO of the company and the Executive Chairman is the Charles Wigoder.

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5 years ago

Services and customer relation are not good. Products are very expensive with hidden charges.

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According to the Telecom PLus compensation plan you will be earning money when you recruit new partners or distributors under your downline.

Various bonuses offered by the company include:

- Customer Gathering Bonus (CGB)

- Fast Start Bonus

- Residual Income

- Personal Residual Income

- Quick Income Plan

- Group Residual Income

- Team Building Bonus

- Leadership Development Bonus

- Promotion Bonuses