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Stream Energy


  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Founded: 2004
  • Website: https://mystream.com/


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Stream Energy is a leading energy service provider in some areas of the United States. They works in the network marketing format. Their major products include energy, natural gas, wireless and connected life services. Stream Energy has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+.


Stream Energy has more than 4000 independent business owners across the different parts of country.


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4 years ago

They have competitive rates and multiple payment options. Stream Energy's rates are higher than those of many companies, and the deposit amount is unknown.



4 years ago

Stream Energy basically depends on ability to sell and the number of people you can get interested in this field.

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A Stream Energy Sales Associate can make money in two ways.

1. Through Sales.

2. Recruiting More Members and earn commision from every purchase they makes.

The various bonuses offered by the company includes Personal Customer Bonus, Team Customer Bonus etc.

Also, with the experience in the company, you can reach the following positions:

- Regional Director.

- Managing Director.

- Senior Director.

- Executive Director.

- National Director.