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  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Founded: 2009
  • Website: https://jeunesseglobal.com/


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Jeunesse was started by two MLM enthusiasts named Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis with mission to change people’s lives and also make Jeunesse a world famous brand. These two people began their own MLM firm after retiring from their previous network marketing company. They began their firm on September 9, in the year 2009 at 9 pm! Why all these 9’s ? Well, it's because the number 9 represents longevity, and show the desire and passion of the founders to thrive in the MLM field. Jeunesse mainly concentrates on youth enhancement products and have one of the best and rewarding compensation plans in the industry.

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5 years ago

The company provides many ways for distributors to earn income. Also provide training and tools to help new distributors grow their businesses . But the company is facing some financial issues

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There are basically 6 different ways through which you can earn money with the Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan.

And they are through:

1. Retail Profit

2. New First Order Bonus

3. Team Commission

4. Leadership Matching Bonus

5. Customer Acquisition Incentive