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Global Travel International


  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Founded: 1994
  • Website: https://www.globaltravel.com


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Global Travel International was founded in the year 1994 by its founders Michael Gross and Randy Warren. There are now one among the industry leaders. And this company would be the best when it comes to start your own business, because they trustworthy and can definitely make you successful.

Global Travel International helps you to focus on selling travel and building your own business without the burden of a traditional storefront agency and have 

By joining GTI, one can focus on selling travel and grow your business without any difficulty or cost of a traditional storefront agency also should have the support and guidance from the best. GTI supports its members whether if they are full time or part-time experienced or beginner and helps them to earn income and travel for less

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4 years ago

This company is not yet accredited and company service is not good. The company doesn't pay commission after you book with them. Don't become an agent with these and found as a scam.

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For an independent business agent there are mainly two options to earn income through the Global Travel International compensation plan. They are through Direct Sales and Recruitment.

 Direct Sales

It's simple. By selling the various travel and vacation packages provided by the Global Travel International you can earn a commission for the each sale we make. 

Commission rate for different memberships are given below:

- Silver membership - 5% commission

- Gold membership - 7% commission

- Platinum membership - 9 % commission


Whenever an executive recruits a new agent into the program, they will be eligible for $100. That’s it. You will not be receiving any commission from the sale made by the person you has recruited.