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  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Founded:
  • Website: http://yourtravelution.com


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Travelution was found with the vision by the founders to Empower people and thus change their lives, by creating long lasting financial freedom for them and their families.


Travelution allows thousands of people around the world to experience the most amazing places around the globe!

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5 years ago

The compensation plan is found to be good as there are a lot of ways to earn. But should be aware of the product and services.

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Travelution compensation plan pays its affiliates upto 80 % as commission on the retail travel booking made through them.


They basically follow a  3*10 matrix residual compensation mechanism.

There are 12 different affiliate ranks within the Travelution compensation plan. And they are as follows:


- Agent 

- Visionary

- WaveRunner 

- BeachBum 

- Navigator 

- Explorer 

- Jetsetter 

- Tycoon

- 1 Star Tycoon 

- 2 Star Tycoon 

- 3 Star Tycoon, and 

- Ultimate Tycoon.