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Good Life USA


  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Founded:
  • Website: https://goodlifeusa.com


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GOODLIFE USA was founded by successful entrepreneurs and professionals who have worked tirelessly to succeed and have been able to enjoy the benefits of that work. They realized that this lifestyle should be possible for all of our friends, families, and everyone around the globe. And they showed that it is!

Combining all their business background and experiences, they invented this revolutionary model for making all the best in travel, entertainment, dining and affordable shopping. They have also created a platform for associates to earn significant monthly income and rewards.


Through this innovative and unique membership-based club, they provide the opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle that everyone dreamt of at the best discounts available today! It's also a perfect chance to earn financial security by simply sharing the program with others.

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5 years ago

This provides the opportunity to travel extensively and make money. Also, have a good compensation plan if you have recruiting skills. Newbies cannot choose this company also Compensation plan relies heavily on recruitment



4 years ago

Definitely, some good potential to make money with this company. But we have to climb the ranks to earn more commission

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The different travel membership pricings of the Good Life USA compensation plan are:

-- Silver Affiliate Membership: In this membership you will be needing to pay $129 as a first time fee and then $11.95 every month.

-- Gold Affiliate Membership: Here the cost of joining is $179 and a monthly fee of $39.95 per month.

-- Platinum Affiliate Membership: First time fee of $279 and a monthly fee of $59.95 per month.

The affiliates will be eligible for commissions for the every single selling that they makes to the clients. Also they will be getting paid for the referrals they make.