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Forever Living Products


  • Location: Arizona, USA
  • Founded: 1978
  • Website: https://foreverliving.com/


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Forever Living Products is an American based MLM company that manufacturers and markets aloe-vera based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics. They was founded in the year 1978 by its present CEO Rex Maughan.  Forever Living is multi-billion Dollar company which works in the network marketing format and sells almost hundreds of wellness and beauty products all over the world.

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4 years ago

They provide extensive training and no cost to join the company. It provides some personal discounts and bonuses. The company is facing various legal issues.



4 years ago

We met the company 9 years before, I was 14. My mother was very sceptical as she was disappointed from 5 other MLM companies.But she realised that FLP is very reliable and follows an easy system.The products are great and it's a family business now!?

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The basic way by which you can earn a commission is through the retail commissions. You will be getting the products at wholesale prices and you can sell it at retail prices. So you will be earning a percentage of amount as profit. You can earn a retail commision of upto 30%. Also you should buy the products worth 140 Dollars every single month.

Also once you reach at some of the top positions you will be eligible for extra bonuses like

- Car Plan

- Profit Sharing

- Fully Paid Vacations

- Special Promotions