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World Global Network


  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Founded: 2016
  • Website: https://website.worldgn.com/


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The company is bases in UK and has offices all around the world. It sells Personalized health and wellness planning that’s constantly improved, updated, and optimized for you to become the best you can be. Wor(l)d Global Network produces a signature product called Helo. It is a smart wristband and fitness tracker. The company has named this product as a wellness band.


Helo’s primary features comprises of heart rate monitoring, steps tracking, and breath monitoring. It also has a very unique SOS messaging feature. All you need to do is to tap the device to send an SOS or cry for help  to pre-programmed phone numbers when you need it.


The company claims that it is the only one to offer the highest compensation plans. This is probably because it is not selling inexpensive products. The company offers four streams of revenue with the company. A commission from your own sales, commission from the sales of your recruits, and a share of the company’s overall revenue are three of the four streams.

If a distributor is interested to join, he has to buy one of two starter packs: the Builder Pack that costs $1,499  or the Personal Pack that costs $359. They would also ask you to add several options, so you should be prepared to spend an additional $25 to $799.

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5 years ago

It is a good company with real products. They are distribution partner for World Technology Corp. Product-wise this company is good but for business opportunity check for better options.

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