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  • Founded: 2016
  • Website: https://vasayo.com/


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Vasayo is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2016. The company  sells a complete range of high-end health and wellness supplements that will supplement your various health needs. The technology is the same supplement that is  within each product.The main ingredient or process involved in their products is called “liposomal” delivery system . This is the encapsulation of the supplement particles into microscopic oil bubbles.This particular process has been proven to provide a highly effective delivery system into your body’s system for absorption to a maximum extent by bypassing the body’s stomach acid that usually breaks down the majority of the nutrients before it reaches the target cells. Currently, the company sells 5 products that provide different results for the various parts of your bodies health.The company’s compensation plan is structured in a binary pay structure.

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5 years ago

Vasayo allows people to become brand partners but the products are found to be overpriced. There is no long-term residual income in Vasayo

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