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  • Founded: 2016
  • Website: https://www.royaltie.com/


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The company provides a facility where you could send your brand’s message or promotion to every Android device within a distance 100 meters. How cool is that!


This is the concept behind Royaltie Gems which is  a relatively new MLM company that began its operations in 2016. This is  a good ground floor MLM business opportunity.Businesses who are interested in the technology will have to purchase a gem from the company. This  is essentially a small wireless device that can broadcast a promotional message to every Android phone within a short distance, say 100 m. The device transmits its messages over Bluetooth technology.


The  company offer direct sales as well as an affiliate MLM program that empowers tech savvy people to earn money based on sales of the gems. You can earn a commission on sales of the gem to businesses that are interested in it. In addition to it,  you can make a good income from the sales of anyone you recruit to the program.


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5 years ago

There will not be sufficient people interested in the product and the compensation plan is weak. Also, offer low-income potential.

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