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  • Location: Lanham
  • Founded:
  • Website: https://nevetica.com/


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Nevetica is a new Multi-level Marketing company that specialises in providing customized vitamins and supplements for fulfilling your pet’s specific nutritional deficiencies.


The company says that many of the pet owners have imposed their lifestyle on their pets and now, the pets are facing issues that include problems such as  joint issues, obesity, hypertension and much more.


Nevetica is now looking forward address these issues that most of our pets face today. They have  systematically developed a solution to help the pet owners to combat these problems. Their most hot selling products include carpet cleaners, dental chews, anti itch products, tablets for hip problems and much more.


The founders say that they are not just bringing their customers  the best supplements and nutrition to help solve all their pets problems, but along with this, they are bringing you the best business opportunity ever to help you achieve a better lifestyle and financial freedom you had always wanted to enjoy.


The company proclaims that this is going to be a very lucrative business because many people spend a lot of money on their pets and they love them very much


An  estimate by the company shows that by 2020 about $100 billion will be spent on pets alone. So this shows that this is a great opportunity that you can take advantage of to build a strong home-based business.

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5 years ago

Nevetica offer some good products but there is a lack of information in general about the company. You should have skills as an affiliate to sell the products and properly market yourself.

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