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  • Location: Tulsa, OK
  • Founded:
  • Website: https://enersourceintl.com/


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EnerSource International is a ground level MLM company that was launched in 2016. It was founded by Mr Linden Woods, who is also the current CEO of the company. He is also one of the founders of Energreen Essentials.


They have a range of healthcare and wellness products. Some of the popular ones are described below.These are some of the products below:

-- Energreens  is a superfood that is for increasing the alkalinity of the body.

-- Energreens Plus is a high quality probiotic and digestive Enzymes.

-- EnergFX B-12  is a Vitamin B-12 supplement.

-- EnergFX Energy Booster Energy Drink that delivers a quick, powerful energy boost and the company says that it is a healthy alternative to drinking coffee.

-- EnergFX 02  is designed to raise the alkalinity with a few drops with the help of antioxidant neutralizing molds like yeast, bacteria, exotoxins and  mycotoxins.EnerSource International Compensation Plan


The EnerSource Compensation plan is a hybrid one comprising of the Unilevel plan and the matrix MLM plan. The unilevel MLM plan is for up front commissions whereas the Matrix MLM plan is for long term commissions.An affiliate  with the company must generate a 100 PV to qualify for commissions. The EnerSource pays through a 2×12 matric compensation plan for long term commissions. Affiliates fill this either directly or indirectly.


All commissions from EnerSource are based on sales volume and this is a combo of both retail sales and affiliate purchases.


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