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LR World


  • Location: Ahlen, Germany
  • Founded: 1985
  • Website: https://www.lrworld.com/


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LR World was founded in the the year 1985 by Helmut Spikker and Achim Hickmann in the town of Ahlen in Germany. It is considered to be the one of the largest German network marketing company in the field of health and beauty products. The products of the LR World are sold through thousands of global sales partners. Also, we conduct our own scientific research under the guidance of a scientific advisory council. Our stated mission is to "give every individual on the planet the chance to better our quality of life with innovative and high-quality products, an attractive business model for sales partners, and numerous opportunities for all employees."


Our Products


The products wherein we specialize including perfume and cosmetic care ranges as well as some commercial items like decorative cosmetics, costume jewellery, accessories and dietary supplements. We have won numerous awards and recognitions for their quality and safety for consumers. Even celebrities like Bruce Willis and Heidi Klum have been the endorsers of their products!

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4 years ago

LR World is a good MLM company for beginners with great commissions excellent bonuses and good quality products

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LR World offers upto 40 percent commissions on the retail product sales. Apart from this the distributors could also earn other financial incentives and bonuses. 

Another feature of their compensation plan is that there are no minimum sales requirement for the distributors. The company also provides support and training for the newly recruited distributors through their sponsors, sales seminars etc. Moreover they provide certain car plans and travel rewards.