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Acti labs


  • Location: Andover,United Kingdom
  • Founded: 2011
  • Website: https://acti-labs.com/


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Acti-Labs is a ground level multi level marketing company that was founded in 2011. It was founded by John and Yelena Miller. The company places its priority towards  the creation of a a top quality range of products that are available to the its customers at a very affordable price.


Acti-Labs  has a large product range that includes cosmeceutical skincare, slimming and weight loss, haircare and  cosmetics. It also provides body sculpting with a wide range of treatments that suit everyone’s needs. In January 2015, the company ventured into the cosmetics using all natural, mineral based and paraben free ingredients that is used in their skincare line. All products are currently manufactured  in France and distributed from the UK, USA and Canada.


They have three kinds of starter kits that ranges from $27.50 to $75.

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