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  • Location: Los Angeles, California,United States
  • Founded: 1980
  • Website: https://www.herbalife.com/


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Herbalife is a multi level marketing company that is based in Los Angeles, United States. It was founded by Mark R Hughes and employs more than 8000 people all around the world. Herbalife has a huge presence in more than 94 countries around the world and operates through a network of around 3.2 million independent distributors. Hughes , the founder sourced the genesis of his products from weight loss concerns of his mother Joanne. Her premature death was due to an eating disorder and an unhealthy approach to weight loss. The  company's goal is to change the nutritional habits of the world. The first product of the company was a protein shake that is designed to help people manage their weight. It was Hughes’s brainmap to structure his company using a direct-selling and multi level marketing model that turned out to be highly successful.


The hot selling products of the company include dietary supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and personal-care products.

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