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Vorwerk & Co.Kg


  • Location: Wuppertal
  • Founded: 1983
  • Website: https://corporate.vorwerk.com/


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Operating since 1883, Vorwerk is an international corporate group that is highly diversified. diversified corporate group . the company has its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. The main product manufactured and sold by them are household appliances. The company garnered huge sales by the  direct distribution of various household products and household appliances like vacuum cleaners, fitted kitchens and cosmetics.


The whole company is a family enterprise and is currently operating as a limited partnership. It has around 12,000 full time employees. The products are sold by direct selling and as of now, there are around 5,90,000 independent distributors who are working for them in various countries around the world.  Vorwerk has a presence in more than 70 countries and is performing extremely well in all these countries. The largest number of sales reps are from United States. In the previous year, the company managed to get a total sales of around €2.8 billion.

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