Top 5 Things To Know Before Starting an MLM Business


MLM is the world’s most popular method of generating passive income and attaining financial freedom. Some of the world’s biggest companies and prominent investors have found huge success using the multi level marketing business model.

Starting an MLM company could set you on your path to achieving your financial goals and leading a successful life. But there are a few things you should keep in mind before setting off on your network marketing journey.


Here are 5 Things to Know Before Starting an MLM Business:

1.Focus on Your Products

Focus on Your Products

In any MLM company, the value of having quality products cannot be stretched enough. Great products and customer loyalty to those products have been the foundation of any MLM company that has enjoyed long-term success. Without both of those, it is pretty much impossible for any company to achieve success.

However, having a great product isn’t just enough for network marketing success. The product must also be suitable for MLM. Some products are appropriate for network marketing, while others are not. Regulatory authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission are also pushing the industry towards a more customer-centric future.

Companies that thrive have outstanding products and a solid product strategy. Whether you want to start an MLM or become an MLM distributor, your primary focus must be on the product.

2. Choose a Compensation Plan

One of the most important aspects of every MLM organization is the compensation plan. This factor must be perfectly tuned to encourage and adequately reward the distributors’ and leadership’s work and effort.

Network marketers all around the world like to join a multi level marketing organization that pays them fairly for their efforts. Though, contrary to popular belief, this is not the only factor for evaluation. A network marketing company’s payout or commission to distributors for sales is determined by its compensation plan. It is essentially a payment formula.

The following information should be included in an optimal compensation plan:

  • The requirements that a direct seller must follow to get paid.
  • The requirements for getting a performance bonus on top of normal pay.
  • The regularity with which the compensation is paid, such as weekly or monthly.
  • The current level/rank in which the distributor is listed, as well as the requirements for progressing to the next rank.
  • List the compensation or percentage commission that a direct seller receives for his or her own sales and/or the sales of his or her downlines.


3. Find your Unique Selling Point

The essence of what makes your product or service better than competitors is a unique selling point, also known as a unique selling proposition. One of the keys to getting potential leads to convert to members of your network in multilevel marketing is to communicate your USP effectively.

A unique selling point (USP) identifies your company’s distinct position in the market, focusing on the value you provide and the challenges you resolve. A good USP conveys a specific benefit, one that other companies don’t provide and distinguishes you from the competition.

Your potential customers and recruits won’t know which option is right for them if all the MLM companies seem to be the same. Knowing what your unique selling point is can assist customers to distinguish between the many options available to them. It’s an important aspect of successful selling, especially in network marketing, where customers have so many choices.


4. Consider the Legal Side

The question of whether MLM is legal or not is highly debatable. Some people believe that every MLM is some sort of illicit pyramid scheme, while others love it.

To put things in perspective, neither all direct selling / MLM / network marketing is illegal. And every organization claiming to be the next big MLM revelation is legal. Even in legal MLM businesses, unethical business tactics and overblown misinformation by some distributors make the industry so divisive.

Some of the biggest MLM companies in the world such as Amway and Herbalife have been accused of being pyramid schemes. The legal aspects of MLM vary according to countries and it is important to consider the legal side before starting an MLM company.


5. Select an MLM Software

Select an MLM Software

MLM software has become an essential component to effectively manage networks and successfully run a network marketing company. Traditional methods have made way to the latest technologies, and MLM software is the present and future of the business.

The software helps you save both time and activities by automating many activities that were previously required to be performed manually. Reports can be generated in detail about the performance of distributors, sales, recruitment, and much more.

You could choose to implement multiple compensation plans as there are MLM software today that supports more than one plan.


Winding up

Starting a business of any kind is one of the most important decisions anyone is going to take in their lifetime. MLM is a massive opportunity for you to get started as an independent business owner. Make sure you consider these five things before you get started.


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