Finding and Keeping Customers in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) in 2023

Multi Level Marketing is a form of marketing that has been around for decades. It is a system where people are rewarded for selling products to other people.It is one of the most popular ways to build a business today. It is an easy way to make money by selling products that you love and believe in. The key is finding and keeping customers in multi level marketing.

In this blog, I will provide you with some of the best ways that you can find and keep customers in your MLM business.

Importance of Finding Customers in Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing is an intriguing concept that simplifies selling. Because anyone and everyone can join the Network marketing business and earn a handsome income by selling products with no investment or risk, it is the most appealing business proposition to people. MLM companies spend a lot of money and time providing promotional materials to distributors to help them sell the products.

MLM partners are the key to success in MLM marketing. They are the ones who help you find new customers and keep them loyal. It is important to have a strong community of partners that you can rely on to help you with everything from customer retention to recruitment. In order to succeed in MLM marketing, it is important that you have a good team of MLM partners.

Where to Find Customers?

If you wish to be successful in network marketing, the first thing you need to do is to become your own best customer. By consistently using your products, you will feel their effects firsthand and gain confidence in promoting them. The most important part is that people will watch you using the products and will notice the changes in you. Here, you’ll be able to create your own personal product story.

When it comes to finding customers for network marketing products, there is a lot to say.

The market is divided into two categories. There is a warm market, which consists of people you know, and a cold market which consists of people you don’t know.

Warm Market

The first one you should go for a source is your Hot Market. Now what’s a hot market? Well, a warm market contains the people you know well enough, a hot market contains those people you are super close with like your family and friends.

The reasons you should opt a hot market is that

  1. First, if you have a good product you will definitely suggest it to your closest people as you want them to benefit from it as soon as possible.
  2. Second, they’re the people you feel most at ease talking to, which is important when you’re just getting started as it relieves stress, especially if you’re new to network marketing.
  3. Third, they are the most likely to back you up in your endeavours.

Cold Market

People you don’t know make up the cold market. Yet, if you wish to build your business globally, you’ll probably have to do business with people you don’t know. And that’s great! When you meet other like minded people the chemistry is instant and it feels like you’ve known each other for a lifetime.

There’s a ton of ways to get customers for MLM products using the cold market. A direct approach to getting customers from the cold market is cold calling. With proper targeting, a solid script and a lot of consistency, cold calling can be a great way to find customers for your MLM products.

How to Find Customers for Your MLM business?

MLM partners are the key to success in MLM marketing. They are the ones who help you find new customers and keep them loyal. It is important to have a strong community of partners that you can rely on to help you with everything from customer retention to recruitment. In order to succeed in MLM marketing, it is important that you have a good team of MLM partners.

1. Sharing & Selling

You have to sell the products directly along with your distributors buying the products through you. Hence, you have to take every opportunity that you get everyday to be able to make a sale. You will meet various people during the course of the day and your conversation with each individual gives you the opportunity to talk about the product you’re selling and look for opportunities to sell it.

At this point, it is critical that you remember and learn how to talk about the product rather than making a direct sales call. Talk about your experience and savings, so that it attracts the attention of your friends who are around and let others find value in it.

2. Product Knowledge

Before you begin sharing information or making presentations to others, it is critical that you spend time educating yourself on the product. When you can provide specific details about the products as well as explain how they will be useful, you will be able to speak confidently and convincingly. The more you learn about a product, the more you believe in it, and it is much easier to sell when you have a strong belief in what you are selling.

3. Customer Service & Care

Another factor that contributes to your success in MLM is your attitude toward customer service. Believing the customer is the king and to make them your most important partner is the key to building a successful MLM business.

You can get the best customer service by going the extra mile to provide your customer a pleasant and positive experience. Leaving your contact information and phone number, providing personalised service, remembering customers by name, staying in touch with customers on a regular basis, and providing value-added services, can go a long way toward increasing repeat sales.

4. Social Media

Almost everyone is on social media right now, and these platforms provide a plethora of filters with which to experiment. Using these filters, you can find people who are ideal customers for your MLM products and determine which groups and pages they frequent.

Your social media strategy has an active and passive component. Join a few groups and like and follow some of the pages where your prospects spend their time. Engage and interact with those who post and comment, and offer advice and assistance.

It is not difficult to find customers for your MLM products on social media. Unfortunately, most network marketers do not use it correctly. In fact, the majority of them are making critical errors in their posts and profiles, sabotaging their results and turning away qualified prospects.

5. Referral Strategies

Referral network is one of the most powerful strategies for getting more customers. You are radically changing cold markets into warm market customers because their friend recommended you and your products to them.

A referral program is required to build a referral network. If the company doesn’t provide one, simply do the maths and come up with one yourself. You can give away discounts, free inexpensive products, or even a free expensive product if a certain number of customers are referred. It is entirely up to you.

You have a lot of opportunities to ask for referrals:

  1. Begin by contacting your current network marketing customers and informing them that if they recommend you to other people who would benefit from your products, they will receive a discount or a product if those people purchase something.
  2. While filling out an order for someone, ask if their partner would benefit from your programme or product as well. Consider how many more customers you could get if only 30-40% said yes.
  3. Give incentives to people who have already brought you referrals, to bring you even more.


It’s not easy to find and keep customers in MLM in 2023. The main challenge with MLM is getting your message out to potential customers who are not already part of your MLM community. Success in your business will be based on how communities are helping to promote these businesses and how you are getting people interested enough to purchase products from you.

This can be done by using the methods given above. Follow them and make enough leads to make your business lucrative.


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