Decentra is now in Mexico


Decentra has devised new strategies for Mexico. The corporation has stated that its presence in Mexico would kick off its activities in the area and pave the way for advanced decentralized technology.

The company makes it clear that this is not just an inaugural event for its operations, but the start of a new way of doing business using the most advanced decentralized technologies available today. At the Citibanamex center, about 4000 people attended the inauguration.

Skilled speakers who were members of the Decentra team provided professional training, seminars, and motivating conferences. The event was held in two ballrooms that could accommodate a big crowd of individuals eager to hear from world-class specialists who came to offer their expertise, experience, and success stories.

The major speakers at the event were Shane Morand(Chairman), Arnold Sierra(Chief Operating Officer at Futswap), Gorka Buces (Executive Vice President), Carlos Arteseros (managing partner at Intedya), Yoniel Garcia, Omar Villalobos, Titto Galvez, Alex Dey, Diego Dreyfus, and Emmanuel Bernstein.

Shane Morand gave the audience a deeper and better understanding of the concept of Decentra and presented various products and services such as Moon Converter, currency converter, Ovusky-the travel platform, and Hikvault-crypto portfolio manager.

The long night of information and announcements lifted the spirits of those present by concluding the event by adding a major surprise by introducing the new CEO of Decentra who is Carles Artesores. He is an expert in business with over 25 years of experience providing strategy and consultancy to high-profile companies in the United States.


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