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Are direct sales company a scam

Are direct sales company a scam


11 Jul 2019

Are direct sales company a scam?


15 Jul 2019

Some are scams and some are not. Should be careful while choosing a company. But direct sales is a great way to own a business of your own and to make a full-time income. 


James White

03 Oct 2019

If you take any industries there will be a few scams to point out. It's the same in the case of direct sales companies too. The ones I have been involved in are so far good but I too have heard of some scams out there.

Direct sales are nothing but marketing as well as selling products and services directly to the customers. There is a direct selling association where its members are provided with a number of benefits to help them grow their business.


Tobey L.

26 Jan 2022

Not all direct sales companies are scam, just look for companies with good reputation and reference, most of the unknown ones that are not even one year old are usually scam, but you have to investigate to avoid scams.

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