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Why do people believe that MLM is a scam?

Why do people believe that MLM is a scam?

Jennifer sheldon

19 Nov 2018

Why do people believe that MLM is a scam?


20 Nov 2018

Most MLMs have real products and are part of the DSA. They have a legitimate business model that pays people according to their sales performance, and the ability to build/train a team of people to sell products on behalf of the company. Most of the time people confuse between Multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes.

, Unlike MLM, pyramid schemes are based on money alone without any products or work involved. While pyramid schemes are scams, Network marketing is about building a network of trustworthy people over the course of time which involves products and making profits from the sales of those products. Read to know more about MLM v/s Pyramid schemes.

Joseph Johnson

29 Oct 2019

People misunderstand MLM with the pyramid scheme where it isn't actually the same. MLM is genuine and it is legal whereas pyramid scheme is illegal. Before approaching MLM business you must do thorough research and convince yourself.

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