How I use my Points?

  1. By posting paid ad

    You can post paid (Text ads, Picture ads) by using your points. The minimum point for posting the picture ad is 1000 point and minimum point. The ad will instantly shows in the left and right side of but also shows external sites promoted by users for getting more points.

  2. By upgrading your normal account into Premium account.

    You can upgrade your normal account into premium user account so that you can enjoy unlimited facilities in the When you upgrading your account instantly you will get (Package Amount*100 + 10% of Package Amount) Points.
  3. By sharing point.

    You can share your point into your dearest one by entering the number of point and user id of which you want to transfer the point. When you transfer the point your point will be deducted and getting the point of the corresponding person.
  4. By collecting the contacts.

    You can collect the contacts by using your point. If you want get the detail of mlm related users, just search based the number of experience, country and more. You will receive a link as mail and you can export the contact in the form of excel.
  5. By purchasing SMS.

    You can use your points to purchase SMS and you can send SMS to users in through your account.

  6. By sending alert.

    You can use your point for sending alert to the user's inbox so that you can publish your post very easily. When users read your alert your point will be deducted.