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Ayurvedic Massage Centre Mansarover Jaipur 7690953
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Ayurveda has given us a lot and one of those gifts is ayurvedic massage. We are lovely young females offering this pleasure to males at affordable prices. Call now 7690953344We have a crew of hot female massagers between 18 to 25 years age.
Massage offered:-Body massage 45 min                             Rs 1000/- (No additional tips) -Full Body massage for 1 hour                    Rs 3000/- (No additional tips)
-Bangkok Style Body Spa                          Rs 4000/- (No additional tips)

Call at 7690953344 to book an appointment

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Company  Swartiwari
Country  India
Location  Mansarover, Jaipur-302020
Contact Name  Swartiwari
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