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Being healthy is a trend and everyone is looking out for different ways to become more healthy and fit there are various ways to enjoy indulge into physical activities so that you burn an adequate amount of calories and get into shape but the more important aspect of the fitness is nutrition. Even if you are exercising for 1 hours a day and still eating the crap that you want, you won't be achieving your desired results because your body is more about the things that you put inside rather than what you do physically I'm not saying that exercise is not important but exercise without proper nutrition will not result in the desired outcome.  since nutrition is the most important yet most difficult part of your shape up routine today I am sharing a few healthy recipes that you can try which will satisfy your hunger for taste and provide you nutrition as well. here are the 3 interesting recipes for the people who are on weight loss and fat loss routine/ regime. Muesli power takes a container and put some oats almond and walnut into it and start mixing now non stick pan transfer the beach into it and roast the mixture for next 3 5 minutes while constantly staring the mixture. Now taken Airtel container and Port the roasted mixture into it to cool down and add raisin and vanilla essence now take a bowl to serve the content  and add banana to it you can also add a few Apple if you wish we can also add some sugar or rather I would advise a sugar free and some milk, to the muesli which is now ready to be served as breakfast.As we were discussing about fat burners last week, we put specific emphasis on the fact that fat burners are not magical pills they will work for you only if you do with proper diet. I have to tell you this I got good results by using them as my fat started to melt and I started to feel more light and it did started to become visible and people started complimenting about it and I was feeling great that u am achieving good results and this made me a little relaxed in my approach to fat loss. I started giving priority to fat burners over other important things like work out and proper diet. And that is the time when things started to change again.Over a period of 4 days I started to feel that my body is retaining the food and fat that I am eating and the muscles have started to loose tone and I could feel the sagging fat over different parts of the body. I would feel the need to have crazy food every now and then and I started to feel like popping an extra pill in case I feel things are not properly working out Yeah, that was the mind set that I started to feel when I gave more priority to fat burners instead to my proper diet. It became a cycle of over eating and feeling pain in tummy and then popping a pill after that just to give myself a psychological assurance that I will burn fat with that. That kind of became a cycle. But eventually it stopped when I made myself realise that dude,  you know the stuff, why are you falling prey to this downgraded thinking. You know how the mechanism work, so just get up and slog your ass to achieve your body of desire.I am putting this again in your conscious mind that fat burners are not the magical pills that would just solve all your problems.Another thing with this routine is that it might help you shed a few kilos but the fall that you're expecting would not go and you will still be away from the perfection of the same so-called body in your desired image. Best way Is to have great kicking breakfast with some black coffee after that and then having a decent lunch and as you progress towards the evening, reducing the bulk carbs that you're adding to your system. Get going on the lighter side of the same and have a diet of juice and maybe a bowl of fruits. In the night have some protein with additional oats or any other thing that you may like. But amidst of all don't forget to have an exercise routine to tone up the body and the muscles that you're making visible as you're shedding more and more fat. Fat loss with beautiful tone up body will give you great confidence in self so that you can carry yourself in a great way with your newly acquired body. 

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Why add muesli? muesli is made up of are very friendly oats charge any dieters best friend as they are made up of a special type of fiber which is called as beta glucan
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