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CDPAP Choice – Guiding You Throughout The CDPAP Enrollment Proces
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CDPAP Choice ( proudly presents the great offerings they have for all Medicaid recipients looking for an alternative and excellent way to receive home care services. Families with different requirements turn to this company for various reasons. But in most cases, their services are sought by those who want to experience a smooth and hassle-free CDPAP enrollment process.  

CDPAP Choice has indeed the capacity to help Medicaid patients gain control over their home health care needs. Moreover, the team behind this company fully understands that there’s nothing much safer and more convenient than receiving assistance and care at one’s own home, and from somebody who is trustworthy. Under the CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, all of these are possible because patients will get the chance to choose and hire a caregiver they already know and trust.

However, the enrollment process under such program can be quite difficult especially with no help from experts. This is one of the main reasons why CDPAP Choice has been around for several years, providing exceptional services and guidance to Medicaid patients and to those aiming to become caregivers of their loved ones. Over time, they were able to help more and more individuals when it comes to meeting their specific healthcare needs using their experience and knowledge in the field. What’s more, their committed and friendly CDPAP nyc specialists are always responsive throughout the enrollment process, providing each client with one-on-one individual attention. Because of this, they have been recognized as one of the most reliable CDPAP experts by numerous people today. According to one of their clients, “It was a pleasure dealing with the staff at CDPAP Choice. When I called to get a free consultation, I was pleasantly greeted by Shevy who made the process so simple for us and explained every step clearly”.

For interested parties, keep in mind that in order to be qualified for CDPAP, being a member of the Medicaid program is a requirement. Meanwhile, for those who are thinking of becoming the caregivers of their disabled or elderly family members, they won’t be required to undergo special training or get any license or certificate. What’s even better, the eligible caregivers will be receiving competitive compensation rates plus benefits.

For more information about CPDPAP and the ways on how CDPAP Choice can make the enrollment process quick and easy, check out their website at  

About CDPAP Choice

If you’re a Medicaid recipient thinking of joining the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, CDPAP Choice is the company that you should seek help from. They will guide you throughout the entire enrollment process, ensuring that you’ll only be receiving great care from someone you really trust: either one of your closest family members or friends. For further details about the great things that CDPAP Choice can do for you, head over their website at If you have enquiries, kindly send them an email via or give them a call at 718-831-2200.  

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My name is Elisa Marcus, 28 years old. I am a home aide to my aunty under the CDPAP. I love playing the piano and violin.
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