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Spring Flowers: A Cheerful Floral Arrangement
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 Spring Flowers: A Cheerful Floral Arrangement


Spring has arrived and this floral arrangement celebrates the bright colors and the new growth of the season. The sunny flowers rest in a "basket", in fact, a glass vase full of asparagus and crowned with a willow handle rolled up. Whether it's an outdoor brunch, an Easter dinner or a family barbecue, everyone will see that spring has arrived!

What you need

This arrangement is very easy to do. You need a cylindrical crystal vase, asparagus, flowers of your choice, curly willows, elastic rubber bands, floral ribbon and raffia ribbon. With the exception of asparagus and flowers, you will find these materials in the flower department at your local craft store.


Prepare the vase

The base of your asparagus pike is a glass vase. It must be between four and eight centimeters in diameter and not more than the height of a typical asparagus spear, that is, around seven inches. Place two elastic bands around the glass vase and you will be ready for the asparagus.


Align the studs

Cut the spikes of asparagus so that they are slightly longer than the height of the vase. Then place them around the vase and place them between the vase and the elastic bands to keep them firm. For my seven-inch vase, I used about 45 asparagus spears. Then fill the vase with a little water.


Arrange the flowers in the vase

For this spring arrangement I chose a yellow palette with sunflowers and lilies, accented with some sweet pink roses. Cut your flowers so they are a little longer than the asparagus, without additional stems. In this way, it seems that the spears of asparagus are the stems of the flowers.


Fold curly willow

If you do not have access to fresh, curly willows, you can buy a curved artificial willow in the craft shop, which I did. Take two to three strands of curly willow and fold them together in a dome shape, wrapping the threads around each other to connect them. This is the grip of the container.


Place the curly willow in the arrangement

Place willow ends wrapped on both sides of the arrangement to make the basket settle. Use the flowers that are already in the vase to hold the willow; the stems act as carriers. If the handle is still shaking, connect it to the glass vase with flower tape. The floral tape is more resistant than normal tape and is waterproof.


Hide rubber tires

The rubber bands that hold the spindles of the asparagus are not very attractive and distance themselves from the illusion that the asparagus forms a basket. Cover the rubber bands with different strands of raffia ribbon and your arrangement will be finished to perfection.


A favorite of the season

The make use of asparagus to form the "basket" of the agreement is an exceptional way to have fun the new expansion of spring. The technique is so simple, remember to cover your vase with other vegetables such as ropes, kale or roots.


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