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Workwear in Essex
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Hallmark Workwear & Safety: Providing Safety Footwear And Helmets For Workers

Hallmark Workwear & Safety ( is proud to inform everyone that they are offering safety footwear and head protection equipment. Their products are assured to be of the highest quality for the guaranteed protection of its wearers.

This company offers a vast array of safety footwear that protects individuals from accidents or injuries that may occur in the workplace. Such products are important to prevent foot injuries due to rolling or falling objects, punctures from the ground and exposure to electrical hazards. One of these products is the U-Power Anaconda Black Safety Boots Essex which is available for £34.50 + VAT. This item has protective steel toe cap and midsole, double stitching and quality inner meshing that makes it hard wearing. Another product on offer is the Extreme Airflow Metal Free Trainer with composite toe cap and slip resistant sole. This footwear is lightweight, highly breathable and even provides superb comfort.

As for those who need head protection while working, Hallmark Workwear & Safety offers durable hard hats and safety helmets. These are designed to prevent head injuries caused by collision impacts, falling objects, and shock among other hazards. Such items are perfect for individuals working in industry sectors such as construction and mining.

For guaranteed head protection, this company offers the Comfort Safety Helmet with Retractaspec which provides a combination of outstanding performance, strength and quality. It has a six-point harness and absorbent sweatband and Terylene headgear. This item is available for only £13.05 + VAT.

Please take note that Hallmark Workwear & Safety reserves their rights to change the prices stated above without prior notice.

This company offers an extensive range of safety equipment, corporate safety clothing London, and traffic management equipment, and janitor and cleaning supplies. They are dedicated to providing high-quality products along with their excellent customer service. According to them, “As a family managed company, our customers' interests are our foremost concern - your satisfaction with both our service and products remain our highest priority. We are committed to providing you with an unrivalled level of Customer Service, with continuous training being provided to our dedicated team so that you benefit from our attention to detail – we love caring for people”.

To know more about Hallmark Workwear & Safety and the products they offer, visit their website at

About Hallmark Workwear & Safety

Hallmark Workwear & Safety is an established supplier of protective equipment including safety footwear, hard hats, eyewear and so much more. They have a team of experienced people who provide utmost customer care by fulfilling the workwear and safety requirements of every client. To get in touch with this company, you can contact them by calling 01227 833970. For your written enquiries, you send them an email via Visit their website at for more details.

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Hallmark is a leading supplier of corporate Workwear providing a fast service.
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